29 May 2014

Answering Some Questions

Yesterday the decidedly interesting @ProfMondo had a blog post about being nominated for a Liebster Award, whose awarder apparently has a thing for the number eleven. Part of the nomination process is to answer a set of 11 questions, and then pose a different set of 11 questions. I liked Prof. M’s questions enough that I thought I’d take a crack at answering them. Here we go:

1. If you could give a really painful (but not permanent — we’re not awful people) charley horse to anyone in the world without fear of retribution, who would it be?
Valerie Jarrett, mostly because even most of the people I follow on Twitter have stopped talking about her.

2. DC or Marvel?
Whoever has The Flash. He was my favorite growing up, because his speed gave him the ability to do a lot of different things.

3. Who would you cast to play the lead in a biopic of you? (You are not eligible.)
Edward Norton

4. Preferred pizza crust — Thin? Pan? Whole wheat? Other?
Whole wheat, not too thick, and twisted on the edge, served with honey.

5. Is there a song that makes you hit the channel change/shuffle button as soon as it starts? What is it?
Several, actually. "Imagine", for one, and that Jet song that starts with a throat-clearing.

6. What’s your favorite “guilty pleasure” movie?
The American President. “Oh, Sydney…nice shoes.” [Sydney grins and presses tongue between teeth.]

7. Bluegrass or World Music?
Bluegrass. I mean, who wouldn’t choose “Dooley, slippin’ up the holler/Dooley, tryin’ to make a dollar/Dooley, gimme a swaller an I’ll pay ya back some day” over “Is this love? Is this love?”?

8. What’s the most unusual thing in your fridge?
An array of cooking wines that were used once or twice, because now when we cook with wine we use real wine.

9. What have I got in my pocket? (Hey, it worked for Bilbo.)
217 photos, 52 books, 114 contacts, and 3,300 songs. Ain’t technology great?

10. What topic is most likely to make you start talking as your friends say, “Now you’ve done it.”?
Now, skiing, since I started learning last Thanksgiving. It’s a lot more fun than I ever thought it’d be!

11. What question were you hoping I’d ask you, but I didn’t? (Feel free to answer that one as well, by the way.)
“How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” Enough to build a bonfire hot enough to burn all the open questions.

Thank you, Prof. M! That was fun. Mostly.