27 March 2012

My Bubble is Thick

A couple of months ago, and then again recently, the Bubble Quiz and its inspiration have been spreading on social networks. I was just reminded of a way to describe how thick my bubble is.

In 2003, BMW produced a series of short films starring Clive Owen as a driver hired for various tasks. The films were, of course, intended to show off the latest BMW models, and were directed by well-known directors such as Ang Lee and John Frankenheimer. The DVD came in packaging that included short descriptions of the films.

One film was entitled “Star”, directed by Guy Ritchie. The description of it mentioned “a very special guest.” The film depicted a blonde woman, apparently a celebrity of some sort, being chauffeured to an event. When she walked out, she acted very uppity, and during the ride she was subjected to such jostling that on arrival at the event she was a mess. After watching the film a few times, I still had no idea who she was.

Turns out it was Madonna.

Of course, I had heard once or twice that Guy Ritchie had recently married Madonna, or had fathered a child with her, or something. I was just so uninterested in her (let alone him) that I never made the connection.