17 January 2012

What's the Latest Buzz?

Last week on Twitter, there was a link to an article about researchers discovering a virus that may be responsible for the drastic population drop in honeybees in the last few years. Then, as I was driving to work today, I saw a car with the personalized license plate "BEELACK". It was a black car, so that's probably what the plate refers to, but it could also be read as "bee lack". Just a few minutes later, there was a truck trailing a boat that was named "Bye-BEE", as shown by the word "Bye" and the picture of a bee--although it looked more like a bumblebee than a honeybee--painted on the stern.

Have any of my readers heard any news of the current state of honeybee colonies? Please leave a comment on the blog or on Google+, or send me a link on Twitter.