09 April 2011

Please Visit my Other Venues

I apologize to those of you who subscribe, follow, or otherwise regularly read this blog. I accepted the opportunity to write for The Landmark Report, and it seems I have managed to write only one post per week for three weeks now.

I encourage you to go read The Landmark Report. It's much more balanced than this blog is, and covers a wide range of topics, including entertainment and dating advice. My contributions are:

If I get an itch to write just a paragraph or two, it'll most likely go here. Otherwise, you can also see my Miracle Blog, my YouTube channel, or my Twitter stream (including TwitPics).

Update: My Miracle Blog no longer exists, since Posterous turned into a Tumblr wannabe. However, I have since joined Google+.

Update II: I have started a new blog for my travel and adventure photos!