13 May 2010

Wisdom from Carencro

Marc Broussard (@MarcBroussard) tweeted this: "The Left is better than the Right at the game of politics, or, commanding gov $'s with an ideological policy platform. Ask me why."

I did ask why. I haven't seen his response yet, but here's what I think (you knew that was coming).

Statists believe that society as a whole owns all the resources and products, and it's the State's responsibility to distribute (spend) them. They know that they can buy some people's support, so they want to spend those resources and products to gain more and more power. They have no compunction in doing so.

Liberty lovers, on the other hand, know that whatever I produce is mine, and they have no right or power to confiscate it to use for their own purposes. It goes against their grain to spend public funds for political ends.

So you see, it is true that the "Democratic Party" (their name) is the party of "Yes (as long as you will vote to reelect me and my kind)", and the Republicans (followers of the Constitution) are the party of "No, you can't be taken care of on the public's dime, you must earn your own."

Update: as Mr. Broussard puts it: Basically, the Left, "We'll take care of everything." The Right, "We'd like to protect you."