08 April 2010

An Interesting Opportunity for Nevada

A news story I just heard stated that my U. S. Representative, Dean Heller, expressed concern over Sen. John Ensign's behavioral issues, but stopped short of calling for him to resign.

That got me thinking. We know Harry Reid is in trouble, and may lose to a Republican challenger. But which one? I personally like Sharron Angle. I've heard noises of some opinions that she is "too conservative." (I say that's impossible.) Right now, Sue Lowden is the front-runner, and the young Danny Tarkanian seems very popular, too.

I don't know right now if Nevada has a Gubernatorial Appointment process or a Special Election process for replacing a U. S. Senator mid-term. I will do some research to see if I can determine what the process is. But in any case, I think it would be beneficial for Nevada to have one Senator from each of two major regions: North and South. According to Sen. Ensign's website, he was raised in the North up until high school, but now considers Las Vegas his home.

Even if Lowden or Tarkanian wins the Republican primary, I will fully support the GOP effort to defeat Harry Reid in November. I would then also love to see Angle chosen to replace Ensign should he resign. I have no problem with Ensign in the Senate. He seems to be conservative enough. But should he be pressured to resign, I believe Sharron Angle would be an outstanding choice to take his place.