08 February 2010

Compromise? I Got Yer Compromise!

Tonight, the Governor of Nevada gave a State of the State address, and called for a special session of the legislature to address a nearly $900 million dollar deficit. Also tonight, Glenn Beck asked both Carly Fiorina and Chuck Devore what would be the first thing they'd cut spending on.

If I were asked that, I would answer without hesitation, "education!" Propose not just to cut, but to eliminate all public spending on education.

Gov. Gibbons said in his address that he wants to improve the quality of education  in Nevada. And how do conservatives maintain that the quality can be improved in any field? Get government out of it!

Besides, when you can no longer stand the yelling and screaming and whining and puling of people who mistakenly believe that education is an entitlement, you can always offer to trade. "Would you rather have your welfare check, or education for your children?" "Would you rather have the state provide habitat for the desert rat, or buildings and furniture for schools?" "OK, so you don't want to give up funding for education; what government agency money pit would you rather give up?"

Of course, the people may decide that education can be sacrificed for rats, and that would suit me just fine. Have the private sector provide real education, and stop funding progressive indoctrination centers with my money. We can always stop feeding the rats later. Or is it the same thing?