07 January 2010

Case Closed

For those of you who've missed it, Glenn Beck has spent this first week of the new year showing how his, and his team's, research has produced enough evidence to settle the questions he's been asking for the past months. The self-styled "progressives" in America have been building their utopia for over a hundred years, and they are just about to cause the Republic to collapse so they can replace it with their centrally-planned, centrally-managed, all-controlling system--the State Bureaucratic Apparatus, or SBA, as I call it.

What I'm wondering is, will they really be able to force some measure of compliance like in the former Soviet Union? Or will the American people, to use a much-maligned phrase, just say no? And will the American military, true patriots to whom we owe so much, side with us, the people?

I, like Glenn, am very hopeful about our future. We are building a sense of community, with the tea party movement, and the grass-roots energizing of the Republican party getting back to Conservative principles. Let's keep it going strong throughout this election year, and all the way through 2012. We are fired up now!