What is the deal?

What are Conservatives For?

On the Sean Hannity TV show one night in January 2010, Bob Beckel said something to the effect, "Republicans [or conservatives] are against all these things Barack Obama is trying to do. What are you for?" They ran out of time on that show, but I believe that's a fair question and deserves to be answered. Here are just some of the things I am for:
  • Reduction of the State Bureaucratic Apparatus (SBA)--the "government"
  • Elimination of programs that are tantamount to the transfer of money from earners to non-earners
  • Lowering taxes, which should be a direct result of these first two items
  • Ending the creation of, and in fact reducing or eliminating, the intrusive regulations created by the SBA
  • Giving individuals the freedom, and allowing them to keep what they earn so they will have the means, to build their own success
  • Ending the ridiculous notion that the State Agencies that we do have must not acknowledge any religions, or especially must avoid any references to Judaism or Christianity
I'm sure I've only touched on the highest profile things that I think conservatism stands for. Please leave a comment and let me know what else you advocate for as a conservative.