#FollowFriday Recommendations

When I first joined (February 2009), I found Follow Friday useful. I have now reached a comfortable level of accounts that I follow, adding folks occasionally throughout the week. Like many others, I have found that Follow Friday recommendations on Twitter have become unwieldy. Therefore, also like many others, I will attempt to both participate in spreading the love and reduce traffic on Twitter that not all followers will appreciate. Please, don't be this guy! (Courtesy @LilPecan)

Here is a loosely categorized list of my recommendations, with a short explanation of why you should follow each one.

This is my largest group, made up of people who, like me, would like to see smaller, more local government, and smaller, less redistributive tax burdens. And they all have a great sense of humor.

@AmberAusten lives somewhere near Austin, TX. She is a "domestic goddess", and has a nice little blog. She makes me laugh, she makes me think.
@amclimer Amy is a master of mockery of annoying things and people, but really nice otherwise.
@AndyWendt is a Christian conservative in Middletown, OH, which is smack dab in the middle between Cincinnati and Dayton. (Say, you don't think that's why it's called that, do you?) Andy works hard to spread the conservative message and has fun doing it.
@antijenx is a terrific photographer and wit. Check out her photo portfolio blog!
@aprylmarie is active in the Florida chapter of Americans for Prosperity. She works hard to get Constitutionalists elected.
@bambenek John is an author, conservative policy advisor, and part-time pundit in Illinois, so we wish him the best of luck. He keeps us aware of trends in the Land of Lincoln, and gives us advice on information security to boot!
@Beregond According to his bio, "Middle-aged geek". He wrote the funniest tweet I have ever seen. You'd have had to be there.
@blackbeltncrazy Heidi is the Governor of New France (formerly known as California). She's looking for Czars, for whom she will make late-night candy runs. Fantasy football is her drug.
@Constitutiongrl Sarabeth is a young Constitutionalist in Charleston, SC. She attended a Liberty and Society seminar, where she began to consider attending law school. She was accepted to Liberty University LS in March 2010. Congratulations, Sarabeth! Update: She is very busy with Law School right now, but you can bet she'll be back once term ends.
@CraigR3521 currently lives in LA (Lower Alabama), and is a fellow arch-conservative. He knows his music and TV, but knows the Constitution even better. Give Craig a follow; you won't regret it!
@DinaFraioli was born and raised in NY, and currently lives in DC. But don't hold that against her--she's a real Constitutional supporter!
@divadoll123 is a "recovering attorney" in Pennsylvania. She gives great advice on business, technology, cooking, and belly-dancing.
@Gormogons OK, the Gormogons aren't so much Constitutionalists as Poland-Lithuania Kingdom Restorationists, but they recognize that a truly free society is the quickest way to accomplish their goal. Be sure to subscribe to their blog, or you'll miss at least half the jokes.
@JennyPennifer is a writer and blogger with a killer sense of humor. As she puts it, she has a soapbox attached to the soles of her feet.
@JustMePammy is Queen of the woodlands, and a certified genius! Well, observed, if not certified.
@kesgardner Ken is a proponent of limited government, a real Renaissance man, and just a really nice guy.
@LilPecan is a very sophisticated guinea pig who lives in the Boston area. She sings skat, edits poetry, and sometimes puts on a human suit. Plus, she makes candy!
@marinemajor is a Vietnam veteran, former lawyer, and current actor and Patriot Guard Rider. Don't let his tough, curmudgeonly looks fool you. He's a tough curmudgeon.
@mattbramanti An accountant who recently earned his MBA, lover of good beer and old shaving equipment, rabid Notre Dame fan, and incorrigible punster.
@mveilenstein Marcal lives in Everett, WA, through no fault of his own. He lives for God, family, country, Southern cooking, and Metallica. And from what I've seen, just about every other kind of music.
@nlitvin Naomi is the author of We Never Lost Hope: A Holocaust Memoir and Love Story. She is passionate about using URL shorteners other than bit.ly or ow.ly, due to the fact that the ".ly" top-level domain is the country-code for Libya.
@PrimorisEra "First Lady" in Latin (or so I'm told), Miss S is an airborne-military buff, and loves to discuss both history and forecasts. And 3 Doors Down.
@s_dog Spot is the nom-de-tuite of an "AmerAussie" in the Perth, Western Australia area. He loves dogs and the US Constitution, and often tweets about both.
@SarahDownSouth Sarah is a writer, teacher, and "Chick-Fil-A connoisseur". She lives in or around Atlanta, GA with her dog dogs. Update: Sarah is now pretending to be a journalist and part-time ping-pong pro.
@sarahk47 is the "internet's t-shirt babe." She's married to Frank (@IMAO_) Fleming, and at this writing is pregnant with their first little Fleming. Update as of 2010/09/24: Buttercup has not yet emerged, but is expected any day now. Update as of 2011/03/03: I think Buttercup is walking now. I know she has her own Twitter account.
@snarkandboobs Lori is a mom who speaks out for what is right, offering wisdom, insight, and snark. And boobs.
@TeriChristoph is a co-founder of Smart Girl Politics (#sgp), and "foster mother" to the two spirited young women that help organize events and things there, Tabitha (@pinkelephantpun) and Rebecca (@becs09).
@tygerbaby One of my first follows, Kristen works hard and is getting duly punished for it--she lives in the San Francisco Bay area. She is the sweetest soul. You probably already follow her, but if you don't, you should.

These are folks who love a nice chat. Some of them live in different time zones--much different.

@CMoz Born in Canada and now living in Leeds, England, Christine is a mad iPhone App collector and antique-clothes horse. Check out her App review vlog that she does with @Hati_Medd.
@damnredhead Stacy lives and works in the Royal Oak/Detroit, MI area with her cat @calicozoe. She is extremely smart and a great conversation maker.
@donthorp is a software shaper and Anole wrangler in the wild frontier of Southlake, TX. Give him a web page design, and he'll give you a funny look, then show you how it should be done.
@foodphilosophy Jennifer Iannolo has exquisite tastes, especially when it comes to food. She is the creator of the #sexonaplate events that will soon be sweeping the country.
@frizzle_fry Melissa lives in California, and stays busy with her home based business, and five children. They recently returned from a few weeks living in Italy.
@JAVAJ9 A resident of the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a mom, a coffee drinker, a dancer, and an enthusiast for life.
@joegreenz David is an advertising mogul in Auckland, New Zealand, but is not using Twitter to sell himself. He's also written and self-published two books--one for children and one for adults. If you're wondering why his name is David but his handle is Joe something…ask him!
@karyva lives in Mexico City, and tweets in both Spanish and English. She loves a good laugh, and it's fun to occasionally see "jaja" or "jeje" rather than "lol".
@katriord currently resides in south-west Florida, but seems to have been just about everywhere in this world. She often tweets about her sun conure ("baby bird") and her Havanese ("little white Cuban dog"), and posts pics.
@KayBallard is an adorable, yet modest wordie. She is filled with enthusiasm for Twitter and for life in general. And she collects men.
@kristysf lives "near" San Francisco. OK, it's Napa. She and her husband @ish are the bon vivants of any party--provided they can get a sitter.
@lastgoodnerve is happily married with two perfect children in a small burg in Texas. I'm sure most at least half of that is true.
@mollyblock resides in Texas, and quickly in your heart. She loves design, especially for consumer products. She savors.
@tweetzydeetzy offers up "hand-splashioned tweets", especially for word-lovers. And an avatar featuring Marlene Dietrich. How could you go wrong?
@zenatplay Lisa lives in New Zealand. She advocates for awesomeness, imagines great adventures, and is in turns both enthusiastically ponderous and simply playful. Update: Lisa is now--by choice--listless.

Celebrities (or nearly so)

@AmandaCarpenter reporter and columnist for The Washington Times, and author of The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy's Dossier on Hillary Clinton. She formerly appeared weekly on The O'Reilly Factor.
TV's @andylevy gives the pre-game show, halftime report, and post-game wrap-up on Red Eye. On Twitter, you get all the snark, and hardly any of the bad suits. Just kidding, Andy! You're much snarkier on TV.
@jaketapper White House correspondent for ABC News, Jake is one of the true journalists in the WH Press Corps. In his tweets, he'll tell you what's happening, what he thinks about it, and who else you might want to follow.
@kerpen Phil is the VP for Policy at Americans For Prosperity, and occasional guest on the Glenn Beck Show on FNC. His tweets are real, and his KerpenCast is essential.
@MajoratNJ Major Garrett (formerly @MajoratWH, White House correspondent for the Fox News Channel) is currently the Congressional Correspondent for the National Journal. His tweets are up-to-the-minute and personal.
@MarcBroussard had a huge hit with "Home", and believes in the importance of home and the family, self-reliance, and hard work. Update: This account is now the "official" one run mostly by the record label; for Marc's personal account, follow @MBtherealme.
@michellemalkin is a conservative commentator who has appeared frequently on The Glenn Beck Show, and other commentary shows on Fox News. She was also instrumental in spreading the word about several of the first wave of Tea Parties--before, during, and after.
@mkhammer Mary Katharine Ham is an online columnist for The Weekly Standard, and appears with Juan Williams weekly on The O'Reilly Factor on Fox News.
@ShannonBream Anchor and correspondent on the @foxnews channel.